Alagen | Threat and Vulnerability Assessments
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Threat and Vulnerability Assessments

Alagen’s Security Assessments practice assists clients in the identification of vulnerable systems and processes in their environment to allow for proactive measures before these issues lead to unauthorized access or information disclosure. Our consultants use industry standard tools and methodologies to assess the security of networks, applications, servers, desktops and security devices. With extensive backgrounds in security testing, Alagen experts are able to identify and report the existence and impact of discovered vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, or control gaps in your environment.

Vulnerability Assessment

Proactively identifying, analyzing, and mitigating vulnerabilities is critical to maintaining an organization’s security posture. Additionally, using periodic assessments to ensure that vulnerabilities previously discovered have been mitigated is essential to the ongoing monitoring of your security program. Alagen’s vulnerability assessment services provide the information your team needs to ensure day to day operations, architectural changes, and ever evolving threats have not left your organization vulnerable to attack.

Penetration Testing (Internal / External)

Businesses need to understand the real world effectiveness of their security controls against vulnerabilities and malicious actors. Alagen’s assessment experts follow a proven methodology to identify, exploit, and report vulnerabilities and their impact to your organization.

  • Assess and model threats specific to your organization
  • Information gathering and reconnaissance
  • Automated testing
  • Advanced testing
  • Reporting results

Penetration Assessment Services Include:

  • Perimeter Testing
  • Wireless Penetration
  • Physical and Social
  • Web Application