Alagen | Case Study: Oil, Gas and Precious Metals Company
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Case Study: Oil, Gas and Precious Metals Company


An Oil, Gas, and Precious metals organization with corporate headquarters and branch locations around the world was struggling with fragmented security efforts, leaving the business in a reactive security posture. The existing security team was operating in an ad-hoc manner with no overall governance or proactive framework to drive security decisions.  Historically, the IT department faced challenges of getting leadership support on budget due to issues aligning business value with an information security program.

As a company with a newly built security team, a CISO, functional managers and operation resources had been hired. This team recognized the need to create a proactive and consistent framework for governing IT security in order to align with overall business objectives, justify project funding, and secure critical infrastructure.


Alagen had established credibility within the organization by delivering several other successful projects, therefore Alagen was the immediate choice to step in and assist with this challenge. Trust had been built and expertise proven, therefore the Alagen Advisory Services team was able to seamlessly collaborate with the IT departments throughout the organization to help set priorities in order to accomplish their goals.

Alagen assisted in the development of an information security strategy to ensure that security efforts were driven based on business need and industry accepted practices. The team evaluated major frameworks, assisted in the selection of an appropriate framework that could be customized to the business, and then guided the company to select a number of program within the framework that best aligned to business needs. Once the programs were selected, Alagen developed roadmaps to guide the implementation of each of the selected program initiatives. This was achieved through collaboration with IT and business departments within the organization.


The solution implemented resulted in Alagen’s development of future project timelines to sustain a proactive security environment.

The developed roadmaps facilitated full transparency into security program initiatives across all IT departments. These projects outlined the prioritization and management of multiple work streams including “Data Protection,” “Industrial Automation Security,” and “End Point Security.”

Alagen was able to elevate expectations by engaging stakeholders and facilitating a collaborative environment to secure maximum buy in from the organization. The company still uses these tools today, and remains a partner with Alagen in its ongoing strategy development and implementation.