Alagen | Case Study: Major Airliner
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Case Study: Major Airliner


In today’s extremely competitive air travel industry, commercial airlines are constantly feeling the pressure to reduce weight on flights in order to become more fuel efficient and reduce costs. Several initiatives have been implemented in recent years including replacement of antiquated phones, single engine taxiing, and other fuel saving strategies. An additional pain point is the flight bags that pilots use, which contain essential navigation information and can weigh up to a hefty 40lbs each. 

Recognizing the inefficiency of large heavy flight bags, this major airliner pursued a strategy that provided mobile devices to flight staff. Smart devices are seen as a benefit to both cabin service and cockpit crew, allowing them to gain more visibility to premium customer seat location, service requirements and navigational support. 

The adoption of tablets created a new set of challenges for the airliner’s IT departments to provide secure wireless access to critical and potentially sensitive information during flights. Realizing that internal skill set was not in place to architect and deploy an advanced solution, the airline reached out to Alagen to help them reach their goals.


Collaborating with several different IT teams within the airline’s corporate headquarters, Alagen leveraged their expertise and knowledge in Identity Based Networking to provide a solution which facilitated secure access of corporate assets. These devices included 4500 managed iPads which were used as electronic flight books.

Alagen successfully collaborated with multiple internal teams to implement an 802.1x and Cisco ISE solution, a technology which requires numerous touch points throughout an organization. Using the posture assessment functionality, only those iPads managed by the airlines Mobile Device Management (MDM) infrastructure and that adhered to corporate security policies were given access to network.


By delivering a successful project on time and on budget, Alagen was able to elevate expectations while assisting corporate staff in the design and implementation of this project across all branch locations. The airline recognized significant fuel efficiencies and cost savings, therefore increasing their ability to compete globally. Shareholders and company executives are now able to have confidence in the security of flight navigation data. Pilots enjoy less personal luggage as well as quick and secure access to information.